QLOCKTWO Classic - 'RUST' - 45 x 45cm Wall Clock



Time, is what-ever you want it to be...





- Individually-made stainless steel clock face with a unique 'RUST' finish, each unique due to their handmade process...

- These faces are magnetised on to the body, or 'brain' of the clock itself, allowing you to interchange them with other face designs, colours and finishes with immense ease.

- Digital display, showing the time through a phrase of 5-minute increments...

- Notice the 4 dots on the corners of the display - these represent 1 minute each. After 4 dots light up, the phase changes to indicate that 5 minutes have passed. (For eg. 'Five Past Two + 2 lights = Seven Past Two).

- Simplified button functions on the back to show and adjust the time, date, seconds and brightness. 

- Adjust the brightness between 4 intensities.

Power supply: 110 - 230 V. Lower consumption due to brilliant LED technology

 - Dimensions:

    • 45cm (W) x 45cm (H)
    • Approx. 4kg.

- Comes with solid acrylic block stand, and a 'frame' to allow seamless mounting on your wall. (To wall-mount without showing any external wiring, please work with your electrician as it must be internally hard-wired)


- 24 Months Warranty.

- Designed and Handmade in Germany.

- 20+ Languages, Made to Order.

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